About - Daniel Tee

Daniel Tee

Co-Founder, Co-Director

Joining Jen on her path to building a truly inclusive parent-child experience is her husband and technical wizard, Dan. He has supported her every step of the way, building the website, enhancing her artwork with computer graphics and helping with business administration and legalities.

"Jen has been with me through thick and thin as I've gradually lost my mobility due to a connective tissue disorder, so it made me so happy when she expressed how much she wanted to make Sense of Calm inclusive and accessible for everyone, including parents who use wheelchairs, people who live with anxiety or a mental health issue. We both care immensely about other people's experience of the world, especially those who may feel marginalised or isolated."

Like Jen, Dan saw the devastating effects of the pandemic on parents and children and wanted to see more done to promote good mental health, relaxation, connection and wellbeing.

"Our goal from the start has been to be inclusive, accessible and provide a calming space that's different from the usual activities on offer to families and that incorporates a personal experience as well as mutual support and activities."